Our History


The Circle Theatre was built by Oliver Stewart, construction finished in February. Mr Stewart was from Shelburne. The Circle Theatre was the first building in Alliston to have air conditioning. Businesses in Alliston were closed early every Thursday to allow patrons to attend movies. The first movie shown in the theatre was "Artists and Models" with Jack Benny.

On December 21st, Mr Stewart did two free shows for children, so that their parents could do Christmas shopping on the main street. The town enjoyed one of the best business days in years, while Mr Stewart gave approximately 1000 children a free movie.



Mr Stewart installed a new sign on the front of the Circle Theatre. The canopy was a V-shape and had neon lights.

A hard year for the Circle Theatre. Mr Stewart had four projectionists leave; the last one was Whitney MacDonald who left for the war, in July. He was replaced by Mr. Harold Cowie.



Whitney MacDonald purchased the Circle Theatre from Mr Stewart. Whitney MacDonald was a projectionist.

Scott MacDonald started managing the theatre for his father.



Scott and Linda MacDonald took over the theatre from his father.

Newly upholstered seating at the Circle Theatre.



In October the Circle Theatre closed indefinitely. Scott MacDonald, 63, passed away due to cancer.

Peter and Kate Vander Zaag purchased the Circle Theatre in April. Renovations on the roof, ceiling, walls, floor, screen, speakers, projector, bathrooms, lobby, concession and seats took place for 7 months. The Circle Theatre reopened on November 9th 2012 with Hotel Transylvania and Pitch Perfect as the opening films



The Circle Theatre celebrated 75 years!

In November new seats were added, replacing the majority of the seating in the theatre.